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Discontinued & Refurbished Units

Refurbished Units
(When Available)

  • These are units that were slightly damaged in shipping and returned to us.
  • We have repaired them, but will not sell them as new.
  • Refurbished units are available on a limited basis as we do not have many units damaged in shipping.
  • When possible, we recommend refurbished units be picked up at our manufacturing facility outside Dayton, Ohio. This way you can inspect the refurbished unit and be certain that its condition is satisfactory because we do not accept returns on refurbished units. If not possible, we can ship them and will do our best to explain the repairs that were done prior to shipping.
  • You can E-mail or use the Contact Us form to check the availability of refurbished units or ask any questions.
  • Call (937) 429-3355 to place an order for refurbished units. 

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Capacity 55 CDs +55 CDs on top Height: 11" Width: 24 1/4" * Because these units are hand made ..
$169.99 $89.90
All crates are unfinished units. * Because these crates are hand made of solid oak, the exact s..
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