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Finish Colors

All the units pictured on the site are finished with the same color of oil and on oak is about the color of "Honey".

Honey Oak (default)

This color is our standard stock color and normally this color choice will ship within a couple of days.

Unfinished, Clear, and Dark are special order colors and could take up to a week longer.







All orders for finishes other than our normal one pictured on the site will take longer to process as they are not a stock item.

Note: All oil finishes are hand applied, NOT sprayed on with a machine.

Certain models are able to be outfitted with our specially made Solid Oak Dividers.

These Oak Dividers are made available at a discount when added to your Rack at the time of order or they can be ordered at a later date. Please click here if you are interested in ordering the Dividers on their own. A discount will be applied when ordered in bulk.

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